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Nature_Ilja Alexander 3000x3000px v2.jpg

Nature (2022) 

"We breathe and live by all that Nature gives us. We reach to her for calmness and peace. The message of this song is to remind everyone how precious Nature is and to restore harmony and balance in today’s world. It’s a song about gratitude and love. This song is also about finding individual harmony and balance, peace of mind. I found inspiration for the songs on this EP while processing some profound childhood traumas. Nature, as well as my previously released single Butterfly, are about self-awakening and guidance."

I'll Wait (Taches Remix) 5000x5000px.jpg

I'll Wait (Tâches Remix) (2021)

Melding two opposing genres into one thriving remix, Tâches takes Ilja Alexander’s ‘I’ll Wait’ and infused it with funky house beats. Picture an open stage, the smell of the nearby ocean carried across on the breeze and the magic of light of late afternoon, just before the sun is about to set. Bonus points if you can feel the sand beneath your toes as you twist and turn in the escapism fuelled waves of sound.

Berlin Artwork 3000x3000.jpg

Berlin (2021)

“I had instantly fallen in love with her 2 years earlier, but I knew our paths would now diverge,” Ilja reveals. “As I left the city in a taxi through the deserted streets, my emotions and the city of Berlin, were forever imprinted on my mind, giving birth to the creation of my song ‘Berlin’.” - Ilja Alexander

I'll Wait (Flip Capella Remix) Artwork 3

I'll Wait (Flip Capella Remix) (2021)

"I wanted to give Ilja's beautiful vocals the right club feeling. Smooth deep beats perfect to listen to or dance to."(Flip Capella)

Someday (LCAW Remix).jpg

Someday (LCAW Remix) (2020)

"I instantly fell in love with the darker vibe of this progressive house remix of my song Someday", remixed by the Berlin-based electronic dance music producer LCAW.


Butterfly (2020)

“People have always called me ‘zen’, but I recently discovered I was just emotionally disconnected,” Alexander explains. “No one knew what was going on in my mind, neither did I. One day, while sitting in the park, a little butterfly flew towards me and landed in the grass next to me. I asked the butterfly if it knew what was going on in my mind, giving birth to this song. The butterfly guided me with my own metamorphosis to a new beginning.”

I'll Wait - Artwork 3000x3000px.jpg

I'll Wait (2020)

Striking a cheerful tone, Ilja Alexander showcases his signature reflective, emotionally invested songcraft with ‘I’ll Wait’. With elements of classic, British rock from the 60’s shining strong, the modern balance is brought to the musicians work with electronic embellishments. I'll Wait was produced by Curtis Richardson (Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Joss Stone), Adien Lewis (BTS, Taemin, SHINee, NCT Dream) and Alexander, mixed by Matt Wiggins (U2, Adele, Lorde) and mastered by Randy Merrill (Taylor Swift, Liam Gallagher, Lady Gaga).

 “The individualism of Ilja's music is something truly mesmerising. I’ll wait is another beautiful diamond that takes you to hope and peace that it’s safe to be yourself”

- British Pop Princess Starling -


Someday (Future Bass Remix) (2020)

"I never realized my songs and music could be converted into a dance remix until I collaborated with German producer/DJ Marvin Dörsam and my dear friend Curtis Richardson on the Future Bass Remix of my single "Someday". - Ilja Alexander


Someday (2019)

With "Someday" Ilja Alexander returned to the music industry, breaking with his past sound, after a few years of emotional healing and personal growth. "Someday" was produced by Curtis Richardson, Adien Lewis and Alexander, mixed by Matt Wiggins and mastered by Randy Merrill. The official music video for ‘Someday’ has been featured by the renowned CLASH Magazine, Earmilk and 


Hold On To Her (2011)

With his album Hold On To Her, Ilja Alexander embarked on an adventure taking him to successes that included various concert and radio tours in The Netherlands, Japan and Indonesia. During these tours Ilja Alexander recorded three of his songs in Japanese and another two in Indonesian.

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